Monday, April 6, 2015

Former Boston Celtic and recovering addict shares his experiences and offers hope

"The reason those who stay home might feel like they’re missing out, he said, is because the ones who are making poor choices are more open to publicizing their behavior. The kids who are watching a movie with their parents on Friday night aren’t taking as many selfies documenting the experience, according to Herren.
'"Everybody else doesn’t do it,” he said of drug and alcohol use, “It’s just the kids that do blast it out and make people feel like they’re missing out."'

Read the rest of the article about Chris Herren's visit to Dana Hall School and the advice he offered. 

Prom is around the corner.  Help Example help others realize they can have a lot of fun at prom without alcohol and drugs.
Help make this year's prom, one that students can remember. Literally.