Thursday, April 28, 2016

Prom Week Encouragement: Day Four

Standing up for what you believe is difficult.  Some don't want to hear the truth.  Some don't know the truth. While difficult, standing up for what you believe is crucial.  The impact that encouraging words of truth, when combined with encouraging acts of truth make a difference in the lives of students, their friends and their families.

That's exactly what Example wants to accomplish.  Example wants to make sure the LHN community knows that not everyone is using alcohol and/or drugs.  Alcohol is not an inevitable part of high school. Yes, it's difficult. Yes, the pressures are great.  They are not, however, insurmountable. Example proves that with every event, every speaker, every Tweet, every Facebook post and every blog article.

And today, Thursday, April 27, 2016 Danielle testifies to the powerful and encouraging message that attending Prom drug and alcohol free is an intelligent, God-pleasing decision.

I want to be coherent enough, safe enough, and alive enough to appreciate Prom.
"Hello, for those of you who don't know me, I'm Danielle.
Your mind is made up and unfortunately, I might not be able to change that. I just want put a new perspective out there. About a month ago, I bought my prom dress after looking probably since January, and I know many girls have bought theirs or started looking around the same time.
Then somewhere in there are either prom dates or groups. Guys have to figure out the perfect promposal. You decide on pictures, what you are going to do after. Coordinating your outfit. Corsage. boutonniere. The whole prom package. Months and months of planning for one night.
One night where if you make the decision to partake in drinking and drugs, you take the risk of not remembering and other, even worse, consequences. Prom is supposed to be a night to remember not a night to forget. I tried to research prom statistics and everywhere I looked said that most students drinking on prom have at least 4 drinks. There is the risk of getting caught. The risk of impacting your future just so you can feel good today. What was the point of all that planning if you don't even remember it?
Obviously prom is important, otherwise you wouldn't spend so much time, money and moments being stressed on it. That is why I won’t partake in drinking or drugs. I want to remember my prom and look back on it fondly. A lot of planning went into it, and I want to be coherent enough, safe enough, and alive enough to actually appreciate it. I want to hang with my friends and have control over situations. I don't need to be in a haze to have fun tomorrow. If you decide to not drink or do drugs before, during, or after prom, know that you won’t be alone in that decision.
Thank you, be safe this prom and have fun."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prom Week Encouragement: Day Two

Today, Example posted the PROMise contracts in the main hallway. If you haven't had the chance to see them, stop by and take a look. 
It's very encouraging to see how many young and women will share their "voice" in support of a clean prom with something as simple as a signature. Thank you for letting the LHN community see that there is strength in numbers. Thank you for being an encouraging voice to others.
Before today's chapel, Lindsay used her voice to encourage others to make alcohol and drug free decisions at this year's Prom.
My name is Lindsay and I won't be drinking before, during, or after prom. Why do you think it would be a  good idea to drink on Friday? Do you think that buzz will help you?  Is that person really going to be impressed if you're a disoriented mess? Does throwing up or having a pounding headache the next morning sound fun? 
Ricky, are you going to drink at prom? Would you risk crashing the Camaro? Do you feel it's necessary to lose respect from others and yourself? 
I know that looking cool is important but I'm not going to try something if I know I'll lose respect from someone. Respect is something that takes time to build but is easily taken away. We as fellow classmates shouldn’t want to mess up someone else's night by being selfish. It's OUR prom, not just yours. Everyone who's going has planned an

gotten ready for a fun night; why would you want to  be the person who messes that up? IF you are under the influence, we will know, and we will remember. We should not be compromising our prom night for a couple sips or a hit. When you are making these decisions you are not respecting yourselves as young men and women of God because you are thinking you are the god of the situation. But thanks be to God that He forgives all of our sins.
During prom night I challenge you to have integrity.  Even when someone isn't around to tell us to stop, we should be able to decipher what is good or bad.
We call ourselves young adults, but how many times is it going to take for someone reading this type of speech for us to get it? If we are young adults, we should know we have the responsibility of setting an example for the underclassmen of what is acceptable behavior in general, but especially at prom. Drinking is not the acceptable behavior for prom. 

In Christ, Lindsay

It's great to see this much encouragement.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Prom Week: Day One Encouragement

Prom week is always exciting and fun.  Seniors have a great event that lets them make great memories as they near the end of their high school career.  During this week Example is doing all it can to encourage students to not use drugs and alcohol at Prom.  Life is too precious to make decisions that are not healthy, that are not safe, that can jeopardize lives and that are not God-pleasing.

Students attending Prom can encourage each other by signing an Example PROMise that states they will not drink or use drugs this weekend.  Our hope is that everyone can enjoy Prom without the foolishness and dangers drugs and alcohol create. The young men and women who choose not to drink or use drugs are not in the minority and Example is doing all it can to promote that message.

Each day before chapel a student addresses the student body and explains why she or he is choosing to not use drugs or alcohol at Prom. Example is also posting the students' PROMise contracts to let others know that plenty of people will enjoy Prom without drugs or alcohol.

Today, Tyler explained to the Lutheran North student body why he is going to have a great time without drugs and alcohol.

"This is the night we’ve all been waiting for. One of the best nights of our high school years – PROM! As Seniors, we’ve worked really hard to get to this point, and we’ve made some awesome memories along the way. We’ve got so much to look forward to, and our lives are just beginning. Every person here has the potential to make a profound impact on the world.  

So why not whoop it up and get drunk on Prom Night? You deserve it, right? Your perception is probably that everybody drinks on Prom Night because that’s the only way you can have fun. Maybe you think you need to drink to “fit in” or get other people’s approval.

Here are two words for you to remember on Prom Night - “No thanks”. That’s all you have to say. You don’t have to drink to have fun. Think of the times in your life when you’ve had the most fun, and I can guarantee that most, if not all of them don’t involve alcohol. 

 What’s the draw to getting drunk anyways? You get dizzy, feel sick, and lose your inhibitions – basically, you do dumb stuff because you don’t care and then don’t remember whatever you did! Your innards become your outtards, and you might even be lucky enough to wake up in a puddle of whatever you ate for dinner the night before - doesn’t that sound like some fun! It leads to you making poor choices, choices you would never make in your right mind.

I’m here to tell you that the reality is that most people DON’T drink on Prom Night. You only hear about those who do. And you don’t have to drink after Prom to be cool. Don’t look for others’ approval to make you feel better about yourself. Choose not to drink and be able to look at yourself in the mirror on Monday and be proud of what you see, not be the talk of how drunk you got and the stupid stuff you did.

My name is Tyler and I have made the decision to NOT drink on Prom Night. I hope you’ll join me!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Watch, listen and learn. Please...

In September, Example held a prescription drug abuse presentation featuring two speakers from Families Against Narcotics.  Willie Kalousdian, the young man in this video, shared his descent into drug addiction, that began with an athletic injury,  and his recovery.
Willie offers great encouragement and advice for parents, students, athletes, coaches and teachers.