Thursday, February 25, 2010

Example's Tribute to the Olympics

Olympic fever was rampant throughout the world, including Macomb County. Not to be outdone by the world’s superior athletes, Example created its own version of the Olympics. Like the actual Olympics, the night started with the countries parading their athletes into the arena. Representavies from countries around the world were represented: Wangoslavia, Genovia, Sanafrigliolia, Dacmr.

Curling: After being blindfolded and spun in circles, the pusher “pushed” the human rock-on-wheels to the center of the court.

Luge: Looking to break some speed records and perhaps a clavicle or two, each country pushed an athlete atop two rolling carts from one end of the gym to the other.

Cross Country Skiing: This took teamwork, patience and the ability to step first with the left foot and then with the right. The photo finish thrilled the fans and prompted the losing team to appeal the judge’s decision. After reviewing the tape the judges were confident they had made the right choice.

Dog-sled race: Countries were given a sled and had to pull two athletes from one end of the football field to the other…across the snow…in the dead of winter…with the stadium lights blazing. It was all fun and games until Mr. Horvath launched the first snowball and then the mêlée began. Friends waged war on friends. Seniors waged war on juniors and everyone battled the freshmen. The worst fray of the night occurred when two youths ambushed an English teacher. Outmanned and out of snow, the English teacher did what anyone would do in that situation…he ran away.

Bronze, Silver and Gold medal winners.  With competition comes prizes.  We had both.

The night ended, as all Olympic events do, with a medal ceremony. Tears were shed, emotions unraveled and more than 60 students had a great time in the first ever Example Olympics.


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