Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Example Kickball

Nearly 90 people battled each other in the most intense kickball tournament ever hosted at Lutheran High School North.  In the end a Victorious group emerged by besting SuperNova Slammers in a dramatic bottom-of-the-fourth, come-from-behind win.
The Faculty team, Unvanquished, played valiantly and behind Miss Carson's pitching and Miss Haupt's kicking, were able to vanquish all foes until they realized a win in this tournament would disqualify them from international competition.  Not wanting to jeopardize their 2012 Summer Olympic hopes, they allowed Victorious to remain victorious.   
This marked Example's last activity of the year.  The Lord has blessed this group with students who love to have fun and laugh while at the same time promoting the message that alcohol and drugs do not have to be an inevitable part of high school.

Team Victorious won the tournament and took home the coveted trophies:  small horse heads on plastic sticks.  Ahhh, the spoils of victory!

See all the dramatic action from the tournament.