Saturday, November 24, 2012

Example's Christmas Party

Nobody believed there was an uglier Christmas sweater than what Anna Kasper donned to win the 2010 Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.
Nobody, that is, until Dustin made his grand entrance at the 2011 Example Christmas party.  Last year Dustin Schwark managed to cobble together the ugliest Christmas sweater ensemble known to modern day Example events.  Not only did he wear Great Aunt Helga Schwark's Christmas mitts, he also grabbed Ma and Pa Schwark's Christmas wreath right off the front door.
This made for a spectacularly ugly look and it was just what he needed to win Example's Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest. It was also just what he needed to avoid being grounded for months. Christmas M&Ms go a long way to assuage parental anger.  Word on Schwark Ave. is that Jacquelyn has been working hard to keep the winning tradition alive.

This year's Example Christmas Party is on 
Saturday, December 15, from 7:00 - 9:00.  
The cost is $3.00.

As always Example alumni are invited 
to revel in Ugly Christmas Sweater fun.  
Deduct the alumni discount and you only have to pay $3.00.