Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Musical Bowling Pins and More

Several seniors reminded and encouraged everyone that high
school can be fun and drug free at the same time.
Over 100 students attended Example's first event of the year. Our hope is to encourage young men and women to avoid drugs and alcohol.  Too often, students think there are no other alternatives.  Example and all the students involved prove that is simply not true. 
Well, it might not be simple, but it is true. 
Yes, living a drug-free life is not easy and that's why Example exists.  Find friends that share your God-pleasing values and continue to pray for strength.  Nearly each month we have events that feature fun, guest speakers, information, fun, pizza, insights, leadership opportunities, fun and an opportunity to encourage others to make God-pleasing, drug-free decisions.  



Example video technicians are creating a documentary of the evening that rivals anything Ken Burns has produced.  Stay tuned...