Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Example's shOctober event

There isn't a category for best coin costume, but if you take the time to whip up something like this, we'll make sure you go home a winner - it's only common cents.  Ha!
If you don't have any green blankets you can transform into a slick five-dollar bill, try competing in one of these other categories:
Favorite teacher:  See if Mr. Felten will let you borrow his beard or if Mr. Ebel will let you borrow his hair. Oh, wait. Strike that last idea

 Best Animal:  It works for Kratt's Kreatures.  Try coming as a Wolverine. It sure beats a Spartan.

 Most Creative:  Apply your mad art skills and dazzle everyone with your Mackinac Bridge costume, or your Belle Isle costume.  Hey, why not dress up as a Word of the Week.  Dress up as the ubiquitous #.  Don't know what ubiquitous means?  Try the previous WoW suggestion.  Maybe Mrs. Schuetz would give you points....or take them away.  If you come dressed as Jose Valverde be sure your bring a friend to shut the door behind you.  Why?  He can't close.
????NotSureWhatYou'reTryingToAccomplishButIt'sInteresting????:  Participation makes the event more fun.

 So 19_ _ (Fill in the decade)
As always, remain modest and no cross dressing.
Example's shOctober event takes place this Saturday from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. The cost is $3.00.