Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Prom Week Encouragement: Day Two

Today, Example posted the PROMise contracts in the main hallway. If you haven't had the chance to see them, stop by and take a look. 
It's very encouraging to see how many young and women will share their "voice" in support of a clean prom with something as simple as a signature. Thank you for letting the LHN community see that there is strength in numbers. Thank you for being an encouraging voice to others.
Before today's chapel, Lindsay used her voice to encourage others to make alcohol and drug free decisions at this year's Prom.
My name is Lindsay and I won't be drinking before, during, or after prom. Why do you think it would be a  good idea to drink on Friday? Do you think that buzz will help you?  Is that person really going to be impressed if you're a disoriented mess? Does throwing up or having a pounding headache the next morning sound fun? 
Ricky, are you going to drink at prom? Would you risk crashing the Camaro? Do you feel it's necessary to lose respect from others and yourself? 
I know that looking cool is important but I'm not going to try something if I know I'll lose respect from someone. Respect is something that takes time to build but is easily taken away. We as fellow classmates shouldn’t want to mess up someone else's night by being selfish. It's OUR prom, not just yours. Everyone who's going has planned an

gotten ready for a fun night; why would you want to  be the person who messes that up? IF you are under the influence, we will know, and we will remember. We should not be compromising our prom night for a couple sips or a hit. When you are making these decisions you are not respecting yourselves as young men and women of God because you are thinking you are the god of the situation. But thanks be to God that He forgives all of our sins.
During prom night I challenge you to have integrity.  Even when someone isn't around to tell us to stop, we should be able to decipher what is good or bad.
We call ourselves young adults, but how many times is it going to take for someone reading this type of speech for us to get it? If we are young adults, we should know we have the responsibility of setting an example for the underclassmen of what is acceptable behavior in general, but especially at prom. Drinking is not the acceptable behavior for prom. 

In Christ, Lindsay

It's great to see this much encouragement.