Thursday, April 25, 2013

I'm not drinking at Prom because...

What does it take to have a good time?
Prom is tomorrow and for the majority of you, you want to have the night of your life. So what do you need to do to have fun? For most of you, going to pictures will be okay. You may not be the biggest picture taker, but you get through it. Then you go to dinner with your friends at the designated table…okay not bad. I mean the food is good and you can crack a few jokes to lighten the mood. Then you get to that dancing! It's better but still not the most fun. The music is mediocre, the dances are dumb, but it’s still kind of fun.
Then the after party. Now we are talking! That is going to be the best. You’ll smile your way through pictures, eat your way through dinner, dance your way across the dance floor, and drink your way through the after party! Right? 'Cause I mean everyone is doing it and it will be the BEST TIME EVER!

Will it really? Will it be the best time ever? Because last time I checked, people puking, passing out, getting into car accidents, having poor judgment, making stupid, irrational decisions that can risk your life is not fun.

I have always hated the saying, “have fun but not too much fun” followed by a nudge and a wink. What does that even mean? You mean to tell me that “too much fun” is forgetting the entire night the next morning? Too much fun is being hung over the next morning and puking your guts out! Too much fun is possibly getting busted by the cops and having to pay a fine and having that on your record forever? Too much fun is putting your life and your “friends” lives in danger because of poor decision making?

I will not be drinking at prom. I have great friends that I can have a great time with…without drinking. I don’t need some substance that risks my friendships and my life or my friends’ lives.

Neither do you.

Parker McGoldrick