Monday, December 31, 2012

Parent: a great noun that's even a better verb.

Tonight there is a great opportunity to make nouns into verbs.  No, this isn’t a grammar lesson.  We won’t be diagramming sentences, looking for action verbs or explaining what happens when modifiers are left dangling. 
Tonight is an excellent opportunity to make parent, often used as a noun – “My parents remember using a rotary phone attached to a stretchy, curly cord”, into a verb.

Parent your children by knowing what they will be doing tonight and take measures, make decisions that will help keep them safe.  Taking car keys from underage drinkers is not the solution.  Alcohol poisoning is not averted because parents took car keys from teenagers and then allowed them to drink while partying in the basement.  

Parent your children by communicating with other parents.  If your son or daughter is staying at a friend’s house, call those parents and ask what they will do to ensure alcohol is not a part of the New Year celebration.

Parent your children by explaining to them why you care about what they will do tonight.