Sunday, December 16, 2012

Example Advice to Students...and Parents

One event at Example's Christmas party involved students writing down advice they would like to give to their friends and parents.  The comments will be displayed along the main hallway this week.  Here are just a few examples of Example advice

Students' Advice to Students: During vacation there are plenty of temptations to drink and use drugs.  This is not part of God's plan for us.  What advice could you give to your friends that will help them avoid these temptations?

  • Be strong in the Lord. He is with you and will guide you. Don't give into the temptations that the devil puts in front of you.  Remember, that God is with you and will give you strength. 
  • Spend time with friends and family who will encourage you to make smart decisions.  The decision to say "No" is easier when there are others backing you up. 
  • Put yourself in situations where you are not going to be tempted.
  • "One time" could be the "one time" too many.  It is not worth it.

Students' Advice to Parents: So often we look to parents for advice. Their wisdom and experience are encouraging and helpful. What advice could you give parents that would help and encourage you to avoid the dangers of drinking and drugs?

  • Set a good example for those you come in contact with.  Acknowledge that underage drinking and drugs are bad, and support those who choose to make the right decision.
  • Ground your kids in scripture.
  • Be responsible with how much and what you drink.  Set an example to your kids.
  • Supporting underage drinking doesn't help anyone.  Don't try to be the "cool" parent. It puts people in danger. Be smart and Responsible
Pictures and videos of the Christmas party will be posted soon.