Friday, May 5, 2017

Prom Week: Day Five

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Hi, my name is Blaire Weiman, and I’m a junior here at LHN.  As you know, tonight is Prom and I am so excited and I imagine that you are too!  Prom is a big night, and I am really looking forward to enjoying it with my date and my friends – spending time together, having dinner, dancing, laughing and taking pictures to help remember it all.

This is my first time going to Prom, and I will not be using alcohol or drugs.  As much as I am looking forward to tonight, I also realize how making one wrong decision can impact me for a lifetime.  I understand how powerful my choices are and how they can have long-lasting consequences.  I know that I will have an awesome Prom experience, without following the stereotypical prom night standard of drinking to have fun that we sometimes see in movies.  I want to enjoy every minute of this special night – a night that we will remember forever when we look back at our good ol’ high school days.

Whether we make good or bad choices, we can determine our memories of this night.  Making a poor decision because of peer pressure could not only hurt you but someone else.  The good news is we all have the ability to do the right thing and to make the right choices! 

As I said earlier I am looking forward to tonight and all of the fun we will have, but I am also looking forward to all of the other things that I have ahead of me in my life – this summer, my senior year, college, my career, having a family – all of these things that could potentially be destroyed by one wrong decision. 

So if you are out there thinking you are alone in saying no to drinking or using drugs, think again!  Remember all of the encouraging words you have heard this week from other LHN students making the pledge to have fun without alcohol or drugs.  Together we can have a memorable night without drugs but instead with the support of one another!