Monday, March 22, 2010

Example Bowling

Irony was in fine form as the March example event was bowling.Known for its smoky atmosphere, Example hit the lanes for some bowling fun.

 With nearly 40 students members of Example hit the lanes, rolled some strikes and plenty of gutters for a great time.

RyKap, North Star reporter extraordinaire Ryan Kapanowski, tallied the highest score with a 174. Michael Beowulf Adams did his best to outpin RyKap, but his selfless nature took over and opted for a lower score. It’s this kind of humility that Hrothgar would have enjoyed.

As Prom nears Example will be sharing information about the dangers of alcohol and drugs to students and parents. Prom is a lot of fun but it’s also a night where drinking is an unfortunate reality. Not everyone that attends Prom drinks and there are plenty of reasons why students should stay away from alcohol and drugs, especially that night.

Beowulf displaying more altruism as he exchanges stories of adventure, bravery and fun with Alex  and Charles.

Ry Kap explains the finer points of bowling.  Perhaps a North Star article or blog post will surface in the near future.

Example bowling was a lot of fun.  Too often people don't think statistics apply to them or they will overcome the odds.  Example's purpose is to show high school students that you can have a great time with God-pleasing decisions. 
Smoking is the perfect example of negative peer pressure.  Who lights up for the first time and enjoys the experience?   Coughing is followed by dizziness which is followed by a sore throat.  How enjoyable can that experience be?  Once the nicotine addiction kicks in, the smoker is hooked and now battles the negative affects of smoke in the body and the mental affects of nicotine addiction.  At this Example event, nobody lied to their parents about where they were.  There was no guilt about attending the event.  There was no shame in having fun with friends.  There was no anxiety about parents finding out about the event.

If you haven't attended an Example event, why not?

We're gearing up our Prom strategies.  It's a great high school experience that doesn't have to be polluted with alcohol or drugs.  In fact, many think Prom is the greatest night of high would be even greater if you could remember what happened without any shame, guilt, anxiety or fear.

Look for more information on Example activities on this blog or on the bulletin board outside Mr. Brandt's door. 

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young,
but set an EXAMPLE,
for the believers in speech, in life,
in love, in faith and in purity.   
- I Timothy 4:12