Sunday, October 19, 2014

SHOCKtober Category Contests

Example's SHOCKtober event is Saturday, October 25 from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  Participating in the evening's contest is a great way to enjoy the event.

Costume Contest Categories:

Your favorite LHN teacher
Most Creative Costume
Historical or Fictional Character
Best Group Costume - Grab some of your chums and dress thematically: the Pistons' starting five, The Incredibles or think way out of the box and you can all dress as _____________________.  Hey, we can't give you all the ideas.  Use your own creativity.

Carved Pumpkin Contest:

We won't carve the pumpkins during the event because the gooey mess is well, gooey and messy.  The LHN custodial crew might be scraping pumpkin seeds off walls for a long time if we carved them at school.  So creatively carve your pumpkins at home and bring them to the Example event where our expert judges, who all possess a PhD (Pumpkin Hacking Degree) will evaluate entries in the following categories:
Most Creative
Most Literary
Most Michigan Sports Related: Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, Wolverines, Chippewas, Cardinals, Eagles, Chargers, oh and the Spartans.

The cost is $3.00 and it is open to Lutheran North students only.