Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hot dogs....get your hot dogs!

Offering expertly grilled hot dogs, Example welcomed freshmen and their parents to Lutheran North.   "I thought it would be a nice welcome to the school.  Who can resist the aroma of grilled, in some cases slightly charred, hot dogs?" explained Example advisor Mr. Brandt. 
Welcome freshmen 
We are looking forward to seeing you at Example events. 
The first is Saturday, September 15 at 7:00. 
Guess The Caption Contest
A. I'm not sure this trash can is a good way to serve Example dogs.
B.  I think hot dog #15 might have been one too many.  Could you move that trash can this way?
C.  Grilled, burnt, charred, smoked.  There's no bad way to cook an Example dog.
D.  Naturally encased nitrates, chicken parts and beef byproducts - Mmmmmm, supper.